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  • 475 Linebaugh Handgun
    A great looking revolver and a great cartridge !
  • Load Data
    @PARA45 - sorry....never saw your request. I will post a blank in the original thread (don't know how to here!). I just made this with...
  • Encore in 9.3x74r Hornady Handgun
    i have a double rifle and an encore hand gun in 9.3x74r cal.the double rifle i bought to hunt in Namibia as they dont allow hand guns,the scope...
  • M70 Classic In 458 Lott Left Handed Rifle
    I sent a M70 classic CRF action originally chambered in 7 Rem Mag, a blank from Luxus Walnut, and a Krieger #5 contour barrel to Jim Kobe in...
  • Encore in 9.3x74r Hornady Handgun
    Nice! I have a rifle barrel in 9.3x74 for my encore. What are you planning on hunting with it?