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  1. BeeMaa
    Every week at the range... And if this C19 keeps up we are taking them to GA for Wild Hogs next year. She wants a little practice on game with the 375H&H. Piggies should do the trick just fine....
  2. Hogpatrol
    Now all that's needed is a chance to use them!
  3. BeeMaa
    She fell in love with first sight. It's her rifle and she chose the stock with no argument from me. I've come around to it now that I'm seeing it more.
  4. Hogpatrol
    The wood version looks good!
  5. BeeMaa
    Thankfully mine is the PH stock and came from Blaser with a 22mm channel. Mrs BeeMaa's Intuition stock was done at the factory as a custom order with a 22mm channel.

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