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  1. meigsbucks
    Sounds like a great round for chambering in a Ruger #1 or T/C Encore. Velocity is equal to a .257 Wby. There is something about those .25’s. I’m a huge fan of the .257 Roberts and .25/06, plus the...
  2. Dinosaur
    Mate, what an interesting article, thank you for sharing, had a chuckle about the long legged ladies in big dark glasses, and short skirts, rolling up with the white hunters at the Stanley Hotel....
  3. Dinosaur, you are on fire, great articles, keep up the great work . (y) Regards Rob
  4. Foxi
    a dream,where everthing is wonderful. Picture,buffalo,weapon ,area. Envy you
  5. edward
    is their a point???
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