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U.S. Gun Inletting & Stocks

Has anyone ever heard of these folks before?

They've got a style listed that's close to what I'm looking for in a stock for a Mauser rifle want to build (I think they can modify it slightly to fit what I'm after), and they seem to have good reviews on ebay but I can't find much about them and I'm hesitant to get a stock from them and wind up with a costly piece of junk. Of course, if anyone has suggestions for an alternative stockmaker, I'd be happy to check them out!

The style I'm looking at; I may elect for the comb to have a sharper slant/drop to it like some of the "hogback" stocks popular in the prewar era.
No Idea sorry but, when you find a stock maker try show them exactly what you want. They may be able to use the front of this stock and use another to profile the back to suit. If you attempt a modification and mess it you then have a costly piece of junk.
The right tools a little knowledge and a lot of patience you may be able to do it but if wood work is not your thing find someone who is talented in that field

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