TTSX Bullet Performance

TTSX Bullet Performance

Plenty of opinions about bullets. As for TTSX, the wisest thing I can say is they're built different so they work different. My simple question is what kind of damage did they do and how far did the animals go? From the report I'd say they worked very well. The pics should show it the difference well, left is a 168 grain TTSX from a 30-06, it still weighs 167 grains. The right is a 150 grain Hornady Interbond now weighing 142 grains. The TTSX is here dropped a zebra with a quartering towards me shot braking the leg, going though the vitals and stopping on the inside of the hide. I have shot 7 other animals in Namibia with that bullet, all pass throughs and all dropped in sight. one of the owners actually made a comment my bullet made more damage to a my second kudu's meat than he liked so obviously there is a lot of hydrostatic shock and trauma from those retained petals. The bullet doesn't expand as much but still does amazing damage no matter what. The down side, if you choose to call it such is it will probably pass through. Hunting a cluster of herd animals could be a difficult. The Interbond was a Dall sheep quartering away it only hit two ribs, one going in and one going out I recall before stopping under the hide. That particular bonded bullet would not have done well on a shoulder, but a heavier one and a different design like a Swift A-Frame would.

In the end it's up to you. Research and choose wisely.
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