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Trophy Rooms by Animal Artistry

Done well, the trophy room is a space that tells the stories of the animals and the many experiences of the hunts themselves. Our skilled trophy room design team will work with your architect or builder for new construction or remodel projects that perfectly capture the realism of the outdoors. Gone are the days of the “den of death” — an uninspired space adorned with severed heads.

Our vision brings the outdoors in. These stunning dioramas begin with the backdrop, a site-specific mural that visually expands the room while also lending depth, dimensions, and realism. Our team then constructs stunningly realistic settings based on your animals’ native habitats. The diorama builds on the background with dramatic sets that include reproduction trees and foliage, rock formations, water features, professional lighting, and even appropriate weather elements and sound effects. These custom habitats allow for the display of more animals without a crowded effect, and the effect as a whole beautifully brings the animals’ stories to life.

Animal Artistry is the innovator in the taxidermy industry creating original, high quality works of wildlife art that truly share the story of your hunt.

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