Animal Artistry

Trophy Cleaning Instructions

Trophy Cleaning Instructions Body/Hair: For all trophies, it is best to remove dust by blowing off with an air nozzle connected to an air compressor. For short haired animals, it is best to blow in the direction of the hair. For long haired animals, blow against the hair to fluff. For extremely long haired animals, such as Bears, after blowing against the grain of the hair, finely touch up with a wired brush, such as a rounded dog slicker (dog brush). Do not run the brush to the skin: only place the hair in place with the brush. Eyes: For the eyes, take a Qtip and dip it into Windex. Make sure the Qtip is only moist and not dripping; it should be just slightly damp. Wipe the eye gently, making sure you only touch the glass and not the skin, and let dry. Horns: As for the horns, we find it best for African, and/or black horned animals to use WD40. For North American and/or brown horned animals, use Pledge. Spray on clean rag and wipe the horn clean. Of course we are always here to answer any questions you may have, feel free to contact us.

Trophy Cleaning Instructions
Animal Artistry, Aug 14, 2019

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