Tripple projects

Tripple projects

Elsewhere on AH there is a thread about my 9,3x62 Mauser being restocked and reworked. As that was not enough I ran into a ZG 47 in 30-06 a while back, rifle was in very very good condition, but I decided to have the stock redone. I managed to get hold of some African Blackwood and cut a new forend tip and grip cap, stripped the stock and that is all now with the GS waiting to be re worked before I finish the stock with a oil finish.
While all of this was happening I placed a bid on a ZKK 602 in 375H&H with the pop up peep sight. I was hoping to rebuild it to 458Lott, but the gun sold for way more than I expected. That may just have been luck as I ran into a ZKK 602 project that needed to be finished, the owner had given up due to his GS not being able to fit it in his work schedule for 3 years. It was also a pop up peep ZKK 602, but already fitted with a 458Lott barrel,it use to be a 358 Norma Mag, not very common in the ZKK range. Anyway I bought it and it too is now with my GS. The action needs to be opened up and smoothed out a bit, rear and front sights fitted and the stock inletted for the slightly heavier profile barrel. All and all it seems to be a solid rifle.
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