The Artistry of Wildlife

Transcasian Urial Sheep Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

Everything CAN be a Beautiful PIECE !! How to save a Transcasian Urial Sheep Hair on it's shoulders and neck were 1/16 stubble broken rubbed , tick eaten and just a disaster after tanning and the loose wool came off...when you spend 10K for a sheep of a lifetime and mother nature throws you the biggest P.O.S. cape in her world at you, you use skills to make a client JUMP for JOY ! It's what I do...No new expensive cape , would cost thousands $$$ even of you can find one. A $200.00 repair and gorgeous SHEEP is the result. Steps pictured ... Take the crap tanned urial cape and use the things that make him what he is, his face and front white beard. Find a light colored good haired corsican , in fact this one was acid rot in the face and shoulder but I did use it some glue and fingers crossed helped. Cut off the face and black beard of the corsican and attach the urials face and beard and neck piece and sew it to the summerly cut off corsican using it's shoulders and brisket and mount it !! Simply GORGEOUS !!!

Transcasian Urial Sheep Shoulder Mount Taxidermy
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