Tracking dog after getting hit by a Bushbuck
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Tracking dog after getting hit by a Bushbuck

Rigby, my youngest tracking dog after getting hit by a Bushbuck. This was 50 stitches later, and lucky to make it out alive. You would think that this would teach them to be more cautious. Only stirred up even more hatred.
He is such a great dog, I hope he fully recovered!
Wonder how many clients/wives/kids have fallen in love with Flex and Rigby? I’ll bet it’s in the hundreds by now. I know we did, even if Rigby is a little gassy! How is Louw’s little bull terrier doing?
@Ragman I also wonder how many animals they have found for my hunters over the years. Louw's Staffie is built lile a tank. He was part of the pack on the day that Rigby got poked. I sent him away because I thought he was too inexperienced and would be too slow. Scary to think what could have happened to him. He would have been a sitting target.
Well I don’t think my Kudu hunt would have ended well without them!

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