The Shaw & Hunter Trophy
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The Shaw & Hunter Trophy


1955 Myles Turner (he was a hunter for Ker & Downey and later became warden of the Serengeti National Park)

1956 Syd Downey (the trophy was modeled on him and he is clearly recognizable from the sculpture, with Donald Ker he was the founder of Ker & Downey safaris)

1957 John Kingsley Heath (also a Ker & Downey hunter at that time, and one of the blue eyed boys of the hunting industry in that era)

1958 David Ommanney (the famous Winchester’s man in Africa)

1959 Syd Downey (second time winner)

1960 Kris Aschan (Also a Ker & Downey hunter, and the father of the well known safari operator Ulf Aschan)

1961 Tony Henley (Also a Ker & Downey hunter and close colleague of Harry Selby’s. Tony was also a game warden in both Kenya & Uganda)

1962 Mike Prettejohn (A well known and successful Bongo hunter in Kenya)

1963 John Alexander (National Park Warden, turned Professional Hunter)

1964 Rene Babault (A well known and highly successful Elephant Hunter in Kenya, Tanzania and CAR)

1965 John Sutton (A Ker & Downey Hunter and a very popular and highly successful Professional Hunter)

1966 Mohammed Iqbal (Bali) (A Ker & Downey Hunter, and probably the premier Elephant Hunter of his time. He had a nose for being in the right place at the right time, and bagged many 100 pounders)

1967 Edgar de Bono (Also very well known Kenya hunter of Maltese origin)

1968 Brian Herne (Uganda’s top Professional Hunter and the author of many books on hunting in East Africa)

1969 Tony France (Won the Sean Hunter trophy for probably the biggest Leopard any of us had ever seen)

1970 Tony Seth Smith (Famous Professional Hunter from Hunter’s Africa, now a member of Ker & Downey)

1971 Derick Dunn (Famous Tanzanian Professional Hunter. He was reputed to have forgotten more about hunting than more than the rest of us had ever learnt!)

1972 Derick Dunn (second time winner)

1973 Robin Hurt (winner for a huge Buffalo shot by Dr. F. K. Flick of Germany, and a Ker & Downey Hunter at the time of winning the trophy)

1974 There was no winner because there was no suitable trophy to win the award

1975 Alfredo Pelizzoli (well known Italian Professional Hunter, renowned for his integrity and great charm)

1976 Lionel Hartley (well known hunter related to the famous Kenya Hartley family)
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