The origins of fine stockwood

The origins of fine stockwood

So with the gamble of buying logs, some of it makes it through. Some of it is figured and some of it is heavily figured.

I went to the bins of gun stock blanks and played. I sorted and looked and moved my stock outline stencil to and fro. I found some pieces that were solid, working class stock blanks but somewhat boring to look at while I also found blanks that made your jaw drop. Some had excellent potential then you would find a check or a knot and then it would be back to digging through the pile again.

I found one and found Chris who had gone back to his business and asked him about the blank. I had seemingly found one of his exhibition grade blanks. He told me this would potentially be one of the blanks he would send to the high end rifle makers. For me, it was hard to see in its current form but it was clear Chris knew his business.
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