Start of my SA taxidermy

Blesbok My wife and I went on our very first safari this year in April. We spent 7 days with pawprint safaris and then 7 days in Natal with a very good friend that is a PH over there@Boela. My taxidermist sent me some pictures this morning and it got the excitement going all over again. He said I would have them by Christmas which I didnt believe. But it looks like he may prove me wrong! I will post pictures as I get them. He fit the horns on my impala my wifes impala and her blesbuck as well as started the mold on her kudu. He said skins will go on impalas and blesbuck tomorrow horns on kudu next week. If I am happy with how the horns look on it the skin will go on then he will start my nyala springbuck and my giraffe.

Start of my SA taxidermy
huntinlabs, Jul 23, 2018

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