South African fat tail Scorpion

I was wondering if any one else here had a pet that was native to Africa? show us a picture and a little info. I have a South African fat tail scorpion (Parabuthus transvaalicus). While not something I can actually touch, its more like a fish that doesn't require as much maintenance. The little critter is beyond easy to take care of and costs next to nothing in terms of food. as long as I keep it warm and feed it a single cricket a week then it seems to thrive. Funny though, the little critter has learned that the tongs I use are the "bringer of food" so when ever the tongs are around it will come over to them to inspect for food. the little guy is about 2" long at the moment (adult is around 4-5") and has gotten used to me being around so is no longer shy as can be seen in the picture.

South African fat tail Scorpion
matt85, Apr 1, 2019

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