South Africa Hunting Lodge

South Africa Hunting Lodge
Ridgewalker, May 24, 2018
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    • Ridgewalker
      This is Johan van Wyk and his sweet family at the Limpopo tent camp! I’m looking forward to spending some more time this summer with them chasing some night critters!
      His son was getting to be a good driver and spotter!
    • norfolk shooter
      @Ridgewalker Wait Johan's little bot drives!!! I say little but he's probably the same height as me
    • Ridgewalker
      NS said “I say little but he's probably the same height as me!” He might be by this summer! The pictures I’ve seen of him, he’s going to be fairly tall, maybe like his oldest sister! She may be 5’9” or 5’10” and lovely! Plays the classic guitar very beautifully!
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    May 24, 2018
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