Simson 20 ga Double Rifle

I picked up a Simson 20 ga double rifle that had been converted from a 12 Ga Simson shotgun by the late Bob Hayden. @crs was a personal friend on Bob and he put me in contact with the family and I was able to purchase it from the estate. Finally got time to get the new rifle out to the range and shoot it. I bought some Winchester slugs to just try until I acquire the necessary components to load what the rifle is regulated with. The factory slugs shot better than I expected. a 4 shot group into 3 1/2 inchs at 50 meters about six inches below the sights. It has fully rifles barrels and a set of scope bases. I plan on trying a red dot. All in all very please with it so far.

Simson 20 ga Double Rifle
AZDAVE, Sep 16, 2019

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    Sep 16, 2019
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