Shotgun Shells

Shotgun 2. 3/4' vs 3' I need your expert opinion please. Will this Slug and AAA rounds fire safely and flawlessly in a 2.3/4" chamber semi auto. I get conflicting answers because a shotgun shell is measured in the open position which in theory means the first 2 rounds is too long. The 70 marking states that is is actually a 2.3/4" round. I Have the following rounds that measures as follows Slugs 63mm (2.52") closed- Open position 73mm- markings- 70mm (plastic casing) AAA 63mm (2.52") closed- Open position 73mm –markings- AAA 70/35 (plastic casing) No 7 58mm (2.35") closed- Open position 68mm- markings- 7-70-7 (paper casing) No 3 58mm (2.35") closed- Open position 68mm- markings- 70/35 no3 (plastic casing) All rounds are crimped at the top like a pizza ) Chamber length 2.3/4" = 68.7 mm Chamber length 3" = 75 mm A shotgun shell length is measured in the open position. So 63mm closed shell + 10mm extra in open position depending on crimped type = 73mm From this info I can conclude that the AAA rounds in plastic casing overall length is 73mm and needs a 3" chamber. Although all four rounds state 70 mm (2.3/4) the first 2 is considerable longer than the other 2 rounds. Is this info correct

Shotgun Shells
BigJohnx13, Sep 3, 2019

    • Longwalker
      "Will this Slug and AAA rounds fire safely and flawlessly in a 2.3/4" chamber" Safely - yes! Flawlessly in a semi auto - depends on the gun. Some have very particular likes and needs for ammo. But if your chamber is 70mm 2-3/4" all shells will be safe considering chamber pressure.
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