I've had only one upland bird dog, and it was a Yellow Lab named Savannah. She was one of the most wonderful and smartest dog I've ever had. I say I trained her (which BTW I don't have any experience, but read some books and stayed at the Holiday Inn :LOL:), but in reality it was all her instinct. Once the light bulb lit up, and knew that is what was required of her, she was hair on fire all day. She would get into the thickest cat tails, and flush birds from places we couldn't get in. She had a fantastic nose, and a soft mouth. I have several pheasants mounted that she retrieved, and they received more damaged from the shot than from her mouth. After the season was over, she was a great companion, and excellent couch potato. LOL. If she saw me pick up a gun or her collar, she would turn into a completely different dog, ready for business. I think she had dual personalities. LOL.

Most of the guys who hunted with us, had Labs. We had one Britney, she was a great pointer, and great retriever. However, she was an arrogant little b*tch. She'd pick a fight with all the other dogs, and would rip and steal the retrieved birds from the other dogs. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: She was great with people, which I believe she was not socialized with other dogs, and that is why she behaved the way she did.

Here she is Savannah in her younger days.
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Thanks JB, unfortunately she is no longer here, she is running in the green fields of puppy heaven. She was a great hunter.

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