Sako Rough Finished Stock

Sako Rough Finished Stock

This stock was returned to Cali'co because of the spots at the end of the fore end, circa 1997. Cali'co replaced it with a new stock blank and sent both pieces of wood back.

If I was going to build a Sako-actioned rifle today, I would use this in a heartbeat because the spots have no effect on action strength/stability and I see them as unique character marks in the wood.

Trouble is, I won't build any other left hand rifles, (let alone Sakos) which was the only reason I used a Sako action vs. a P-17 action for a .495 A-Square to begin with.

This stock blank was cut at A-Square and this has a butt pad that is 2.25" Wide x6" Tall. This was known as their "Coil check" stock pattern and spreads out the recoil force quite well.
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