Sako High Power Mauser Sporting Rifle in .375 H&H

Sako High Power Mauser Sporting Rifle in .375 H&H

Looking for some more expert advice as to the worth of a gun I came into. Picked up this Sako .375 H&H with a Mauser action recently because I thought it was too good a deal to pass up on. I didn't really know much about the gun (and still don't), but I'd like some more information before I decide to sell or not.

The gun appears to be all original except the recoil pad, which is a Decelerator pad. The steel is in really nice shape still, with the only real imperfections located where the bases for the scope were mounted (the bluing is worn down there). The stock is solid but has some scuff marks, mainly located on the butt (specifically around the cheek piece). Everything seems all fine beyond that, as everything I've checked out still functions as it should.

The previous owner was an old fella who just couldn't shoot it anymore. He used it for moose and elk from my understanding, but beyond that I have no history on it. Is there anyone out there that could tell me more about the rifle? An approximate date, condition grade, and worth are all things I am specifically looking for.
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