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Very cool. Mine was shot about 2 months ago, gonna wait til next yeae to get it back!
Thanks Ruan,
Sorry for my delay in responding.
I had not looked into my photos in quite awhile.
And evidently there is no mechanism to notify photo owners when anyone leaves a comment, unless we just check our photos from time to time.
A zebra rug fairly shouts "Africa" and no hunter's house is complete without one.
Paul (Velo Dog).
Actually, I was wrong.
There is in fact a mechanism in place to notify photo owners of new comments from other members, as they are being posted.
I simply was not bright enough to figure it out until just now - LOL.
The zebra rug is very nice, but the tops on that caribou rack are amazing! Definite bucket list animal for me!
Thanks Ragman,

Shot that particular caribou out past King Salmon Village, at 150 paces (I crawled about the last 2/3 of it).
1950's vintage Remington Model 760 pump action / peep sight / Winchester 150 gr silvertip ammunition.
Try to hunt not during the rut (approximately late Sept through late October but varies a bit geographically around Alaska / Canada).
Comparatively speaking, the flavor of rutting bull caribou makes rutting buck mule deer seem like lobster tail.
Well anyway, if you ever get up to Alaska, while in Anchorage and if you can spare a moment, do look me up.

If I'm ever in Anchorage, I'll definitely do that!
hard to say what impresses me more ?
The good caribou trophy or your bottles of red wine .....................

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