Ruger No.1 Rifle in .375 H&H Range Shots
Forrest Halley

Ruger No.1 Rifle in .375 H&H Range Shots

You think this is acceptable? This is actually from my Model 70 at just 25 meters. I was sighting on the red dot. I'm still in the familiarization firing phase. I tend to shoot at least 60-80 rounds of Magnums from a given rifle in practice before ever taking to the field.
With a red dot, take it out to 100 yds and see how it does. As long as you are at ~3” or less with non magnified sights, I think you’re golden to that range. For shooting past 100 yds, I think you need to go to a magnified optic.
With a scope, I’d be looking for 1.5” or less at 100 yds.
You’re right to become familiar with your rifle.
What are you going to be hunting with it? Do you handload?
I apologise for the lack of clarity. The rifle wears iron sights only at this time. Scope mounts are several days away. I have several targets layered on top of each other and I was aiming with the iron sights at the red bullseye on the top layer target. This makes the POI about three inches low one inch right. I have adjusted the sights and will see how they regulate this afternoon.
Yes, I hand load. Currently working with 300gr Sierra BTSP pushed by 79.0 of RL-19 at 3.590 for the 70's magazine. I was at 3.685 in the #1. I will hunt whatever I can with these rifles. Likely to be whitetails this fall for starters.
With irons, you still want to be under 3” at 100 yds. As I said earlier, with a scope you should be looking for about 1.5” or less.
If RL 19 doesn’t give you the accuracy you’re looking for, try RL15 and WW748 powders with the 300gr. They work better for me.
For white tails, give the 250gr Sierra a try. You don’t have to go full throttle with it. Back it off to 2500-2600 fps. Less recoil and will still take down the biggest buck on the planet with ease. Also would make a good practice load.
Keep in mind for practice you don’t always have to be shooting the .375. A .22 or .223 are a lot cheaper to shoot and almost no recoil.
Apparently you are correct about the need to switch powders. The 70 does not like my handloads, but loves the PPU ammo. Or so it would appear. I did really well to beat the flinch today. I had to stop because I was hot and could no longer control my sight picture. The shaking was tremendous. The Ruger could care less. It wants to be fed anything.

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