Ruger Alaskan in 375 Ruger rifle  with a 23" barrel

Ruger Alaskan in 375 Ruger rifle with a 23" barrel

I sometimes wish mine was 23". But the 20" is probably nice for hunting in heavy brush. Do you know what kind of velocity you're getting? Also, is that a Boyd's stock?
I really wanted the 23"barrel, by the time I bought mine they were already discontinued. I was shooting 300 gr. Woodleigh weldcores for buff back then and decided to keep the velocity down a bit, they were running somewhere between 2400 and 2500. I never tried speeding them up but I know that I could have. The stock came from the factory, I'm not sure what brand it is.
I never knew they made the Alaskan with a Laminated stock either. All the ones I've seen had Hogue stocks. You must've gotten ahold of a distributor gun like maybe Lypseys or something similar.
The Guide Guns of course have the Laminated stocks, but have the adjustable spacer system in the butt of the stock. You've got a rare bird there!

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