Rigby 458 Win Mag Rifle

Rigby 458 Win Mag Rifle

While I was cruising gun shops on my way home from a meeting in South Texas I ran across an interesting rifle. It was a Rigby but built on a Sako action???? I sent pictures to spike.t and asked if Rigby had in fact built rifles on Sako Actions. Mike contacted Paul Roberts whom confirmed that there were 3 458 Win Mag rifles built on the Sako action and described the Elephant on the floor plate before Mike sent the pictures to him. I was almost certain that this was not a London Gun even though the barrel had all the right markings and the Wood appears to be of exceptional making. There was no recoil pad on the gun, only a chamfered and checkered butt. Maybe Mike and Paul can add more to this story.
Just thought y’all might be interested in seeing this rifle and if anyone has interest in buying it I can certainly give you contact information, it was still there last week. The owner of the store knew very little about the gun other than he had purchased a full estate of 500 guns including many big bore guns.
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