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I used one of the Brownells short chambered 6.5x55 barrells and my GS re chambered it with a German made match chambered reamer in 6.5x57 and threaded it onto a 1916 Erfurt SR action for me. I made a blind mag stock from a beautiful blank for it and have a superb rifle now. Load the 139gn privi partisan bullet to 2800fps with excellet accuracy and great terminal performance.

Von Gruff, Mar 15, 2019
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      Both the stock and the rear sight are a thing of beauty and imagination.
    • Von Gruff
      @Shootist43 The sight is the Talley QD aperture sight in Talley bases that also takes the 2-7 Leupod scope. Stock is "old fashioned" in that I made it with much more drop at heel than is customarily done nowadays and it allows for a more relaxed 'heads up' shooting stance rather than the scrunched down hold that the straight stocked rifle usually does. Having a blind mag it is lighter and has a more rounded forestock than is usual and this makes it an easy and very comfortable carry
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      What a great hunting rifle....Good for you..
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    Mar 15, 2019
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