Remington 700 Rifle in 338 Ultra mag
John J

Remington 700 Rifle in 338 Ultra mag

I came across a used Remington 700 in 338 Ultra mag with a VX II 3×9 scope. I couldnt resist, so I bought it. The barrel was 26", I like short barrels for hunting. First step was to chrono and trim the barrel an inch at a time. The rifle was magna ported, at 10' from the muzzle velocity was 2794 fps. I used factory Barnes 250 gr LRX BT at 2910 fps advertised. Cutting 1" off the barrel removed 2 of the 4 ports and velocity increased to 2854 fps. The next cut removed the other 2 ports and velocity was 2815 fps. The next two cuts velocity was 2846 and 2822 fps. I was looking for about 20-21" barrel length and/ or 2700 fps or better. At 2822 fps I trimmed a half inch off. Things went goofy from there. The next 3 shots with a 21.5" barrel were 3356, 3355, 3378. After the 3356 shot I inspected the rifle, ammo and chronograph as I had stiff bolt lift. I let the rifle cool and the chrono sit turned off for a while. The next shot was 2742 fps, more velocity loss than I expected in a half inch. So the cutting was done. The next 3 shots averaged 2723 fps. I did lightly chamfer the muzzle after each cut with a stone bit to clean up burrs and break the edge. Need to square up the muzzle face, crown it, and test fire for accuracy. 4.5" cut off the total barrel length and 92 fps total velocity loss, using the higher 2854 fps as my start velocity. After this, providing good accuracy I plan on adding a 3 position safety, new trigger and iron sights. Change the stock, probably guncoat or cera coat the barrel and action. She should make a handy elk rifle to carry in the mountains.
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