Reloads for 300 Win Mag and 375 H&H

Reloads for 300 Win Mag and 375 H&H

I am leaving for Eastern Cape in 16 days. Last winter, I developed loads for the rifles I am taking: a pair of Winchester model 70's in 300 Win Mag and 375 H&H. I'm going to take 60 rounds for the 300, loaded with Barnes 180 gr TSX and 40 rounds for the 375, loaded with 260 gr Nosler Partitions. I finished loading them tonight, packed them in ammo boxes, and weighed them. All in, they weigh 9.3 pounds, so I am in under the 11 pound limit. The two boxes fit nicely inside my Pelican 1400 case with the top and middle foam removed, so I may take that if I have room. Photos are below. I thought this might be helpful to someone else for planning purposes.

I'm sure someone will tell me I am bringing too much ammo, but I always bring too much ammo. Two is one; one is none, etc. Besides, I already submitted my SAPS 520, and I am not changing it now.
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