Range Shots

Range Shots

I just got back from the range a little while ago. I FINALLY got around to shooting my Whitworth .416 Taylor with open sights. I shot my handloaded 400gr Barnes originals (no cannelure) with 70gr of RL15. I only shot it at 25yds as I wanted to just try my reloads. There was no bullet movement in the cases with just a mild taper crimp on the bullets. Considering it was difficult for me to see the front bead sight, I still had a 4-5” group with ten rounds. Terrible, but I’ll get better as I now know the bullets aren’t moving in the cases and the powder charge was correct. It’s a lighter rifle than my CZ, so I had to correct a bit for the recoil. And you can lose a large bullet case like this in the snow! Ha! Ha!
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I just wanted to clarify this mess. All shots were taken standing next to the bench using a military style sling for support at 25yds. The three shots in the middle and one just below the bottom diamond point were shot with my CZ 550 .458WM using handloaded 450gr Barnes TSX in about twelve seconds. The three at the very top are handloaded 350gr Speer Mag Tips shot with the same rifle in about ten seconds. The rest were shot over a period of time with the Taylor and .458. Before I conducted my own “speed” test, I was constantly checking for bullet movement in the cartridge cases. So I guess I just need to shoot faster! Ha! Ha!

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