Range Shots

Range Shots

My 300 WM handload shoots the 165 Barnes TTSX really well! This load is also from the Barnes website, but 100 FPS faster than their factory 165 loading. No complaints from me!
That's not a fantastic group.
300WM is possibly not the most accurate around, but anything more than 1" with a Tikka is a problem
@Daga Boy You need to take a closer look at that target. There’s three shots in one hole 2.5 inches above point of aim
The bullseye shot and the next one up, I was trying moving the reticle up to get to the 2.5” high at 100 yards. Then I fired the next three shots all in one hole. Since it’s sighted in, most 3 shot groups have been 3/8” or less. Kind of boring:LOL:! That makes it hit 3” high at about 175 yards and 3.5” low at 325 yards. After that, I have to start raising the crosshairs. That’s far enough anyway for me to be shooting IMO.

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