Range Shooting
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Range Shooting

This foldable saw horse stand was assembled of six 3 ft ½” galvanized threaded pipes, four 90° elbows, four caps, a couple eye bolts and a few lengths of chains. It supports a 6” steel plate that is perfect for practice with both .22 LR and center fire rifles up to .300 magnum.
When learning to shoot from the sticks, a reactive target is best for 100 yd practice. A 6” steel plate that emulates the vital area of the smaller antelopes is ideal. Hang it with two lengths of chain from a folding saw horse. Wood is expedient but will not resist too many stray hits. Steel pipes are a little more expensive but will last a life-time. Cabela's offer a 10” Rifle Gong Target with Stand (Item IK-233497) on which the 10” plate can be replaced with a 6” plate.

A 6” plate is recommended over 10” or 12” plates since it has the same size as the vital area of most small to medium size African, American or European game.

With practice, 100% hits can be easily achieved on a 6” plate at 100 yd shooting standing from the sticks. Expect to shoot 200 to 300 rounds to develop the technique. Five successive strings of 5 shots ringing the steel at 100 yd is the passing score.

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