Forrest Halley

Range Shooting Practice

Well sir it would appear that I need more practice with this rifle. My zero needs to be verified. I'll shoot for groups tomorrow after I find my recoil shield. I have mounted a Limbsaver and it works well. I just need to fix my form which I ruined shooting the Encore. I'm still concerned about scope strike which is not really likely with this gun. This evening I took a few pot shots at my old steel swinger set at 65 yards. I went two for six offhand. First shot struck low and was a 300gr Sierra BTSP reload. Fourth shot was PPU 300gr SP and struck left. Hold was not steady at all. On a high note, I have 21 cases reloadable now. I'll keep using them for a while. I just received 200 Federal Primed Nickel cases so I'm set up to roll out ammunition once I find a load.

Range Shooting Practice
Forrest Halley, Aug 14, 2019

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