Peregrine Pure-Copper Solid Bullet Performance

Peregrine Pure-Copper Solid Bullet Performance

All three solids were recovered from the Hippo. Left Bullet: First shot passing through the lungs and crushing the far side shoulder bone; Middle: Second shot on the head just below the eye (bullet did not pass through which surprised me), Bullet on the far right recovered on the neck bone after passing through 1 foot of water and entering the neck breaking the neck bone. After chatting to 5 different big game PH's about the Bullet performance all of them mentioned Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer or Barnes as their first hoice. Think that's what I will try on my next hunt.
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I am surprised by the deformation. Glad you got your hippo.
Try Barnes. My only experience with it was an insurance shot with 400 gr out of a .416 Ruger on a buffalo. It was lying on its side. The bullet passed thru the spine, exited the chest and lodged in a leg. When recovered the only marks were the rifling and a knife scrape where the skinner dug it out. Somewhere on this site, you can find a picture of it. It looks like it could be reloaded and used again.

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