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P14 Rifle & M17 Rifle

The M17 Enfield was made by Winchester, Remington and the Remington subsidiary Eddystone. In PO Ackley blow up tests the Enfield prove to be a stronger action than the Mauser. It was strong enough and large enough for Art Alpin to build his range of large A Square line of cartridges from including the 500 A Square. The action is more than capable of handling the 416 you mentioned. A little known fact is that H&H built some of their 375s on the M17's The action is long enough to handle magnum length cartridges but magazine box, feed rails and ramp needs to be altered. A lot of people don't realize that the P14 bolt fits the M17's and usually doesn't need the bolt face altered for most magnum rounds, just the bolt stop needs to be changed. Looking at the rifle and knowing the work involved plus the stock the price is not out Landis for such a job. If the job was done on a double square bridge mauser you wouldn't be able to afford it. My gunsmith Rob Spittles in Rylestone built a beautiful 505 Gibbs on a M17 action. The labor for that including the stock making was over $2,000 Australian and that was mates rates. That didn't include the barrel, action or the timber for the stock. All up I would say it's good value for money. I do love my P14/M17's 2 of mine so you know I'm not talking crap. The laminate stock is a 35 Whelen AI built to model 30s Remington specs,lightened action and flat floor plate instead of the guppy belly.

P14 Rifle & M17 Rifle
Bob Nelson 35Whelen, Feb 28, 2020
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    • CoElkHunter
      Very nice looking rifles! Thanks for the P14/M17 history lesson. I see a number of these now and again for sale here in the U.S. and was wondering how well they were built for magnum cartridges? Thanks!
    • Bob Nelson 35Whelen
      99.9% of M17's and P14s were built in the USA. Some people say the Eddystone is the worst because they crack in the receiver.
      That's a load of horse hockey the cracking only happens when some ham fisted blacksmith tries to undo an overly tight barrel the wrong way. I have also seen the results of a Billy Bob blacksmith and a tight barrel on a Mauser 98. Result one twisted and bent action. The Enfield is a brilliant action.
      Cheers mate Bob
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