Okapi Knife

Okapi Knife

As you guys know , l'm writing a book called " A Hobby called Hunting " , for which l'm interviewing 3 professional hunters among whom is our dear forum member , Sergeant Kawshik Rahman ( who will be contributing to the chapter on Hunting in India in the good , ol days :D and modern hunting in Bangladesh ) . A lesser known fact about yours truly , is that alongside guns , I'm also a bit of a knife nut ! :p
Mr. Rahman ( who used to be my Granddad's PH and has become like a family friend to us ) once posted a picture here of a South African Okapi Lockback knife which he owns , which l always found pretty neat and always wanted to add to my collection , but sadly never got around to it :( . While interviewing Mr. Rahman over Skype three weeks ago , l mentioned in passing that l always wanted an Okapi . A week or so later , when Mr. Rahman's niece came back to the States , she said her uncle sent me something . Lo and Behold ! :D It was his Okapi !
I immediately called up Mr. Rahman asking why he sent it to me . He simply replied that l can keep it . :D
Now , I have a real South African Okapi Lockback knife in my collection :D . Only got one question ...
How do l put a razor's edge on this sweet baby ? :D
Arkansas stones ? Silicone Carbide ? Diamond hones ?
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