Norma TipStrike Range Shots

Norma TipStrike Range Shots

The photos are of groups shot with Norma TipStrike in 3 different rifles and two different calibers. 2 x 308 and 1 x 30-06. Results speak for themselves, greatest spread over a 10 shot string was 2 meters per second, none under advertised velocity. Some groups could be better and is more a indicator of my ability than the ability of the ammo. 40 years ago my Dad used Norma, I have tried a few other brands but always came back to Norma and as said before 10 years of Norma Ammo and not changing anytime soon.
Given the type of hunting done here in Sweden and other parts of Europe the TipStrike is a "miracle" bullet. Devastating internal damage, deep penetration, no exit wound and deadly accurate. Small hunting areas, human activity in hunting areas, beaters walking the line all make for problems with "hard" bullets even if they expand. I have shot Fallow deer with a very well known mono metal bullet on several occasions and even when the shot was very good, they where on their feet long enough to make it a hundred or so yards, never happens with the TipStrike if the bullet is placed in the same place, 95% of the game i have shot lie where they where hit the others make it maybe 20 yards.
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