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new toy

s&w p.c.mdl # 986,9mm,7 shot with new holster in elephant hide,made by warthog taxidermy in idaho.
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I have a few S&W revolvers. There great shooters. I like my rugers 2 but the Smiths have unique styling. I think the most refined look in American revolvers
their performance center puts out a great handgun,my scope sighted p.c.460 s&w mag with a 12 inch barrel is quite a hunting handgun.accurate,powerful and 5 shots dosent hurt either.
My friend bought one of those tactical revolvers they put out a few years ago. It's 8rd in 357 mag and it's literally light as a feather. Very strange but cool Smith. Have you seen one ?
yes i smith is 9 mm and 7 rounds,they also make an 8 round one.but my favorite long range handgun is my scope sighted encore in 9.3x74r.for open sights my favorite is my custom dixie fire arms in 475 linebaugh.handfulls but go up against t-rex with either.

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