New SCI World Record Rhinoceros

New SCI World Record Rhinoceros

New SCI World Record Rhinoceros (Southern White Rhinoceros) taken in South Africa.

The Rhinoceros has had its first measurement in South Africa by SCI master measurer Frank Gentry. It is a so-called green measurement, as the official final measurement only can take place three months after the trophy was taken.

Length of front horn: 36 3/8 inches
Basis of front horn: 33 7/8 inches

Length of back horn: 13 7/8 inches
Basis of back horn: 29 2/8 inches
Total: 113 3/8 inches SCI points

The present World Record has a total score of 105 3/8 inches, so even though the horn shrinks a little during the next three months, the experts are convinced that it will still be the New SCI World Record.Rhinoceros
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Beautiful Animal. I am not real familiar with Rhino hunting but I would bet an animal that weighs a couple of tons with a horn that big sticking out of the end of his nose would be a real "puckering" experience. With all the nonsense about hunting people tend to forget how dangerous these animals are. I know this picture has a little time on it but the trophy is the most outstanding I have ever seen. Congratulations on the best Rhino ever taken.
Thats crazy big. Wonder how old a rhino that size is.

Old, probably was going to die soon. Out in the bush where no one would know or see.
Proudly taken and proudly displayed honouring this amazing example.
Hunted not Poached. That's a win in itself.

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