Red Leg

New Rigby .275

New Rigby .275
Red Leg, Jul 2, 2017

    • Von Gruff
      Absolutely georgous rifle. A man could hardly want for anything else with that collection of rifle, scope, ammo belt and knife as a hunting package.
    • Red Leg
      That knife has been to war with me. The belt on my last and next buff hunts. Thanks for noticing.
    • gizmo
      Wow!!!! Amazing
    • geoff rath
      There's something about a well-stocked rifle, quality walnut, classic caliber that stirs my soul. I may never own one, though I keep trying to have them "built", usually on my favored Ruger No 1 action, as classic stalking rifles. There are a couple of ideals: a British caliber double, and a Mauser actioned bolt rifle, exactly like the one above. thank you for the privilege ...
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    • johnnyblues
      Just beautiful.
    • MarkCZ
      Lovely rifle. Just had mine refurbished, picking it up next week
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    Red Leg
    Jul 2, 2017
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