Dee S

Namibia Bowhunt

What a day this was, sitting in a pop up blind all day. It started out well, shot a Red Hartebeest an hour after getting into the blind. Made a clean miss on a Blesbok about an hour later, then the wind picked up before noon. It would blow like there was no tomorrow for a while, then settle down a bit, you'd think it was over, and here it would come again. At times we were both holding onto the wire frame of the blind in order to keep it grounded.
Sand got into everything, including my cameras, shutting down my main video recorder for the remainder of the trip. All three cameras have been sent off for extensive cleaning and they told me the camcorder may be a total loss. My bow also is getting torn down at the bow shop, cleaned & lubed, and will be put back together soon. Yes, it will cost me money for those repairs, but it was worth it. What an awesome day!
Hope you enjoy the video and pics
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