Meopta Meostar 1.7-10x42 BDC 3 Illuminated Scope

Meopta Meostar 1.7-10x42 BDC 3 Illuminated Scope

It was mounted on a rifle and it's seen 5 rds of use. Sold the rifle and don't have a place for it now. Glass is excellent and the highest quality Meopta offers. Edge to edge clarity with 94.5% daylight transmission and 92% at twilight. Most people may not know that Meopta is either the manufacturer or cuts the glass for high end companies like Zeiss, Swarovski, Leica and many others. 1.7x is low enough for quick both eyes open shots and 10X is high enough to make shots at distance. The BHT (not installed) allows several distances to be dialed very quickly and easily. BDC 3 in my opinion is the perfect reticle for this scope. Pic attached is the data from my model 70 375 HH Mag. I can easily make the same data card for the buyer if some info is provided. Illumination is bright enough to be used mid day and very quick to pick up with both eyes open.
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