The Artistry of Wildlife

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Member thi9elsp Sable & Zebra Custom Base & Poses This is the prefect example of what I do. If you come up with your one design , You the client uses me and my hands and skills to make what you design and dream of. Custom Sable / Zebra of John's Design. I make many compositions and custom ideas but John impressed me with his original idea's and I really was happy to work such a piece to his liking. The last picture is his drawing to show me what I envisioned in his mind of the finished mount....The base pedestal made by our amish friends next to my studio is our classic Hex with remainder of his zebra as side panels and the double swing doors with his Warthog Tusks polished and uses ad handles along with the inner shelving with the battom shelf, Lined with you guessed it, the bottom or "Butt" of his zebra with the classic markings each and everyone different and individual. The Base is Alder and finished in African Ironwood stain and Hand Tung oiled with multiple coats. No spray lacquerer or vanish , hand rubbed tung oil finish.

Member thi9elsp Design
The Artistry of Wildlife, Aug 20, 2018

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