Mauser Action Feeding Work - CZ 550

I used the rim diameter + diameter of the bottom round at that point to calculate proper width of 24 mm. I stopped removing material at 23 mm or there about because the round no longer sprung back and chambered every time for 100 + tests. What is interesting is that the article said that Mauser relieved his magazine boxes in the middle to reduce friction but I think that it may have been to solve this very problem. As the rim slides down, it is much wider than the cartridge and so needs about 1 mm extra width just as it reaches the chamber. The 458 win mag seems to be a perfect storm where a Lott will probably be fine because it is longer and has less steep angles as it feeds. Much thanks to Von Gruff and TokkieM for their answers to my Pm's

Mauser Action Feeding Work - CZ 550
Nhoro, Jan 8, 2019

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