Mauser 98 Sporter Rifle

Mauser 98 Sporter Rifle

Bought this Mauser 98 sporter last Friday, picked it up at my gun shop yesterday. 7.92x57mm, spoon/knife bolt handle, objective-type scope mount. Scope's a single-post-reticle, 4x magnification. Front sight seems to have a silver bead on it. Pretty much zero markings on it, so I don't know how old the rifle is or anything but I think there's an Imperial German proof on the bolt somewhere. There's a crack in the grip but either I'll find a way to repair it or I'll have the stock duplicated if need be.

This is the basis for my Mauser project. At the moment I'm planning to do a little maintenance work, change it to 9.3x62mm, add a recoil lug in the stock, and put a Rigby-style aperture on the cocking piece. The rifle's pretty lightweight, though, so I may end up adding some weight or a recoil reducer to the stock. Debating either just reboring/rechambering the barrel or completely changing it to a ribbed octagonal one. I'd intended to refinish it with color-case on the receiver and trigger guard, but I'm not 100% sure I wanna do that anymore.
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