Clodo Ferreira

Mauser 98 M35 7x57 Rifle

Mauser 98 M35 7x57 Rifle
Clodo Ferreira, Aug 30, 2018
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    • Tintin
      Nice - curious on the bases / rings - Talleys? Looks like the stripper hump still on and rear base contoured over it? I'm thinking about how I do that on mine.
    • Clodo Ferreira
      Hello Tintin,

      The bases were for the original Warne Premier rings. Not the current Warne. Entirely different. Were custom made by a great gunsmith down here. Machined "in line", so very well aligned with the bore. And, yes, the stripper hump was not removed on purpose. I wanted the bases as well aligned as possible because the scope, an ancient Zeiss Diatal DA 4x32 Ret 1 has a non-centered reticle. Luckily it worked! So, the reticle remains visually centered, even if it is not exactly in the center when adjust the sighting of the loads I use. As I handload and use 154 to 175 grs bullets, the difference in the sightings aren't too great. And, mainly, the adjustments needed are in the vertical plane. By the way, I bought this scope new in....1972, the optics still almost like new and the mechanics in perfect working order. This particular scope has suffered in all its years in "the field", a beating I think few other scopes would resist...
      Sorry for this rather long answer for your simple question, but I think useful to explain the whole thing...

    • Tintin
      Great reply - thanks Clodo. I'm also keen to keep the hump and coincidently also have a Zeiss to go on mine. Not with the heritage of yours - but a 1.5-6 Diavari.
    • Clodo Ferreira
      Hi Tintin,

      Great scope! What model of Diavari?
    • Tintin
      Scope is just the 'Classic' *T (never found out what the*T indicates).

      Got a great deal on it, New Old Stock type clearance ;-)

      I think it will go well with the .275
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    Aug 30, 2018
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