MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph Barrel Mounted Ballistic Chronograph
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MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph Barrel Mounted Ballistic Chronograph

Santa Claus brought me a MagnetoSpeed V3 chronograph for Christmas. Okay, I really bought it from Midway, USA and my wife wrapped and put it under the tree. I acted surprised when I opened it Christmas day.

When I was a kid and reloaded with my Dad, we didn't have a chrony. As I have been easing back into reloading after a ~40 year pause, I could readily see the benefit of a chrony of some sort.

I did some 404 Jeffery load work up with a friend and he had a Magneto V3. Getting accurate velocity data sure makes load development quicker and takes a lot of guess work out of it.

After two range sessions with a 270 and 404J, I really like this piece of equipment. I managed to set it up quickly and didn't destroy it. The only negative comment is every few shots, the Magneto slips a little towards the end of the barrel and it needs to be slid back an inch or two.

On a future range trip, I want to test to see if the Magneto affects POI or grouping size. Logic would suggest that it does.
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Have you used the Chrono, and how do you like it?

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