Bob Nelson 35Whelen

M17 Rifle

M17 Rifle
Bob Nelson 35Whelen, Feb 14, 2020

    • Rule 303
      Sweet. what calibre, barrel and stock please.
    • Bob Nelson 35Whelen
      @Rule 303
      Boyds stock, llijla 24 inch match barrel, timney trigger
      Caliber is a combination of designs melded into 1 cartridge.
      They are
      The 30/40 krag Newton
      The 25/303 Epps
      25/303 Tipan or Harrison magnum
      It took the best features of all
      Minimal taper case
      35 degree shoulder moved forward to give a .257 neck length instead of .311 long.
      I called my creation the 25/303 Epps Newton improved.
      Loaded with Hogdon superformance at sensible levels it gets the following
      100 Barnes ttsx 3,600+ fps
      115 nosler combined technology silver tip or 117grain SST 3,300+ fps.
      These are actual chronoed velocities on a 36 degree Celsius day.
      I hope this helps.
      Went to the range to check it today
      0.4 inch 100 yard group and a bit under 0.8 inch 200yards group. Pack up go home that will do me.
      Cheers mate Bob
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    Feb 14, 2020
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