Loads test for 260 grain Nosler Partitions and RL15

Loads test for 260 grain Nosler Partitions and RL15

I got to the range yesterday to test my loads using 260 grain Nosler Partitions and RL15. Here are the results

Load Velocity Group MOA
69.0 2568fps 2.782" 2.66
70.0 2600fps 0.717" 0.67
71.0 2646fps 2.333" 2.23
72.0 2665fps 0.687" 0.66
73.0 2707fps 2.337" 2.24

I am going to go with the 72.0 grain load. I was very impressed by how much improvement I got from the RL15 powder. Here is a photo my the 72.0 gran group. The photo is a little crooked as I was trying t avoid a shadow. The group is actually directly above the dot with almost no windage error. The dot is 3/4". Thanks to all for the help. I am next going to try some RL15 loads for the 300 grain Barnes TSX.
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