Loading a Cape Buffalo

Loading a Cape Buffalo
Foxi, Nov 5, 2018
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      Velo Dog

      Congratulations on your buffalo.
      It is a beauty !
      Also, I always enjoy your posts.
      You are one of my favorite writers.
      If you ever visit Alaska, your beers are free, on me my friend.

      Best regards,
      (Velo Dog)
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    • Foxi
      Hello VeloDog,hello Paul,
      I am glad that you like my pictures and posts often. To be praised by "General Miles" is like a knightly accolade :)
      Yes, the buffalo is wonderful and so was the hunt for it.
      Despite his age (the crew estimated him to be 12 years old,I'm not so sure), the boss at the very front is not yet completely hardened. Maybe you as a professional recognize this on the photo. But after a week of daily buffalo hunt from early to late, often on belly and knees moving on, by tsetse fly constantly to have been bitten, I was then indifferent and was glad that it then came to an end.
      Of three good buffalo safaris I've done, the one in Zambia was the most beautiful.
      But "the first time", if it runs well :whistle:, is in the life of a man always something special.

      I am happy and proud to lift one with you (correct word ?) or (sure) more, I should fly to Alaska.
      But you must now already save money, because I come from Bavaria and we Bavarians always have a lot of thirst.
      Take care my friend.
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    • Velo Dog
      Thank You Foxi,

      And if I ever have the privilege to visit Bavaria, I will hope to see you there.

      Best Regards,
    • Foxi
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    • Velo Dog
      Pork to eat and beer to drink.
      If I ever travel to Bavaria, I will be very happy!
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    Nov 5, 2018
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