Leopard attack

Leopard attack

The following photographs has been doing the rounds on social media the last couple of day- and needless to say, a whole stack of different versions of what, where, how and when this happened- I will leave the details to someone more informed of with with first hand knowledge of what exactly took place. What I do know is, is that this guy is very lucky to have survived!
Hi All,
This actually happend couple of days ago in Alicedale where I live, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. _The action took place on a neighbouring farm, when they were running the pack of dogs as they use to do every week to control Lynx and Jackal. The dogs bumped into this big leopard and aperently the cat attacked the Dogs man when he went to check what was going on. Luckly, Dale was nearby carring a 222 rifle and could fire a shot putting the cat down and saving "Mike". "Mike" was very lucky saving his live thanks to this brave young guy who stood his ground and manage to get a head shot on this cat at 5m from him with a vermin control caliber.
You guys can follow up on this news as yesterday was on the local paper " weekend post". All details are there.

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