Kukri Knife

Kukri Knife

The Captain gave Karim a special gift. This gift would be taken to the Shikar field by Karim every day for the rest of our career until 1970 . After he passed away in 2003 , his wife gave it to me and it sits on my desk now after those fifty years. It was a type of knife used by Gurkha warriors in Nepal and it was called a kukri.

From the Captain to Karim . And from Karim to me. If only knives could talk , l imagine the stories that it could tell.
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I have three original Nepalese mafe kukris of different types....army issue and one of the others was I think used by butchers. ...I have a modern one made by cold steel..the ltc kukri (unfortunately they don't make it anymore) which lives down the side of my cruiser seat...great for clearing bush or fallen branches. ...
@spike.t this is most interesting. Unfortunately the ones which get imported to Bangladesh now are all stainless steel and l do not like stainless steel knives , because they do not lend themselves to easy sharpening in the field like normal steel.
This cold steel kukri which you mention , is it stainless steel or non stainless steel ?
@Kawshik Rahman .it's not stainless
The blade has a coating to help protect and I suppose to stop it being reflective....think it's carbon steel. Just taken a photo so will try and put here.....if I can ....it's a bit beat up but very very sharp...
@Kawshik Rahman I have a kukri made by Windlass Steelcrafts in India. They're apparently one of the contractors for the Indian government and have several different versions available. I don't know if you'd be able to get one where you are but they're carbon steel blades. Their US storefront, Atlanta Cutlery/Museum Replicas LTD also have a selection of antique ones available (I've been wanting to get a vintage Longleaf for myself).

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